The Answer To Your Prayers: FreedomPop

So, it’s now coming to the end of another cycle of your cell phone plan. In your hands, you hold your phone bill. Once again, your head falls down in despair over the high cost that you are plagued with. Your gaze slowly looks towards the heavens, as you silently pray for a cheaper way to enjoy wireless service. My friends, your prayers have been answered. All hail FreedomPop. Here is a FreedomPop review.

What Is FreedomPop?

Easily said, FreedomPop offers a free mobile service. This free service has everything that a user would need including 500mb of data, 200 minutes of talking time, and free text messaging. You will enjoy the same service as you would receive from Sprint, as FreedomPop runs on the same towers.

Besides mobile service, FreedomPop offers Internet service. This, too, is free. The option to take your Internet along with you is wonderful addition to have. Using your free 500mb, you can do things like browsing your Facebook and checking your email through any of your devices that are WIFI capability.

Add-Ons For The Heavy User

For some, being given the opportunity to casually talk, text, browsing the web, check Facebook, and email is sufficient enough. Plus, having this service for free is very appealing to many. However, for others, they want to have a longer conversation, or browse the web longer. That is why FreedomPop offers additional plans to those users who need a little bit more.

FreedomPop Plans

At $10.99, this plan offers more conversation options, through talking and texting. It has unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 500MB of data. When you go up to the $20 plan, you will receive unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data. This plan is for the user who wants to use their data more frequently. Also, you can pay $5 for a WIFI plan that allows you to use your phone where WIFI is available.


Having a phone service for free is no longer a dream anymore. You do not have to cry about your high phone bill again. All you need is to switch to FreedomPop. They have a lot to offer, whether you decide to choose the free plan or one of the paid plans. Either way, FreedomPop is a fantastic phone service to have.


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