Securus Technologies Monitoring Inmate Activities

One of the biggest issues we have at our prison is that the inmates are outnumbering the officers by 5:1. Overcrowded jails make our jobs as officers harder, so we have to really be paying close attention or we could be in the line of fire when violence breaks out. Luckily we have discovered technology that will even the odds, doing the work of many officers so we can focus more of our efforts on keeping the peace.


Securus Technologies has been installing their inmate telephone call monitoring systems in jails around the country for years. These systems are designed to do the work of several officers, and accurately listen to every call the inmates make. Once chatter has been detected concerning violence, drugs, gangs, or weapons, the LBS software will alert my team so we have the ability to take action before the situation becomes dangerous.


Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith, says that his Dallas-based company and thousand employees has been helping officers to take control of their facilities, regardless how crowded those places have become. Once I discovered the ease in which the software worked, me and my team were eager to see the system in action. That first day, we were doing inmate cell inspections and monitoring activities in the visitor center, when we got an alert an inmate was asking a friend to bring a bad of prescription medication to the visitor center.


We also received an alert one inmate was bragging about how easy it was after the lights were out to do drugs. Each time that one of these alerts reach my team, we are able to get ahead of the potential problem and remove that threat quickly and effortlessly. This helps to make a potentially dangerous situation more manageable, and puts my team in less danger each day.


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