Choosing The Right Lawyer For Your Situation With Bruno Fagali

Are you dealing with a personal or business legal matter? Want to retain a reputable and experienced legal practitioner? When it comes to hiring a lawyer for legal representation or advice, it is crucial to get someone who is well established and is known to obtain great outcomes for clients. Bruno Fagali is your clear choice for obtaining the best quality advice.

Before hiring a lawyer, you will want to check the background and other aspects of the lawyer’s practice. You will definitely want to find out what the lawyer’s previous clients have thought about him and whether or not the lawyer has the qualities you’re looking for.

You can request a consultation with the lawyer in order to discuss your legal issue in detail and determine what steps need to be taken to resolve the matter.

In Brazil, Bruno Fagali renders superior legal advice and representation to clients from a wide variety of industries. Bruno Fagali has been delivering top notch legal solutions for a long time and has earned a great reputation among his peers and his numerous clients. His clients include some of the nation’s popular organizations, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals.

As an experienced and successful attorney, Bruno Fagali has many strategies when it comes to negotiating a deal, or taking a case to court. He knows how to convince the jury, the judge and the opposing counsel and can get them to see things from his point of view.

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Doe Deere-Breaking the Internet

Doe Deere registered a new account on eBay back in 2004 and called it “limecrime.” It was her new fashion line. Deere modeled everything herself and wanted her look to stand out, so she wanted colorful makeup to be her go-to staple. Her makeup brand was born back in her sewing days, when she found it difficult to get bright and unusual makeup colors. So she launched Lime Crime in 2008 and the rest is history.


Doe Deere defines success as having her vision resonate with her audience to the pint where they start wearing Lime Crime. It’s all about reinventing and evolving yourself and your brand while you stay true to your values. She believes that success is simply making other people happy.


Doe Deere worked in a lab with a chemist for many months in order to perfect the newest category on the market-liquid-to-matte lipstick that stays on, doesn’t crumble, and doesn’t transfer. Her Velvetines line are vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Deere also got her entire line certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, which just so happens to be the most stringent certifier in the industry.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and was raised in New York City and although Deere has had her share of roadblocks, she has been able to overcome them and she is stronger for it. Deere is now the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


To Deere, beauty is what feels right at the moment rather than what is considered “natural” or “looks best.” Her days as a CEO are full and begins with a meeting with her Creative Director. They go over projects and stratagize before Deere meets with her President and VP. Then she normally has another meeting with her COO before working on directing visuals the other half of the day. Or she might spend her time in the lab working on new products with the chemist.


Inspiration sometimes takes months, but when it does, Deere is ready to act on it. She prefers to try out new products herself first before releasing them to the customer.


Deere believes treating her employees, partners, and vendors with respect and love is the way to go. She strives to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement and not though stern dictation and ruling.



Anthony Petrello Provides Excellence In Leadership For The Highly-Revered On Shore And Offshore Drilling Oil Company Of Nabors Industries:

It is not everyone that can step into the position of leader of a significant offshore and on-shore oil drilling service company, such as Nabors Industries: However, leave it up to Anthony Petrello to take on the serious role of CEO, of the significant company, without hesitation. He has been the President of the company, too, since 1992.

Prior to Mr. Petrello’s engagement at Nabors Industries, he was involved in the post, of Managing Partner, of the well-revered law firm of Baker & McKenzie. The firm rebranded itself: and now goes by the name of Baker McKenzie.

Suffice it to say, some think that it takes a great deal of courage to step away from the field of law; and become a leader in the industry of offshore and onshore oil well drilling services. However, Anthony Petrello is the type of leader that enjoys challenge.

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Mr. Anthony Petrello, easily, stepped into his leadership capacity, at Nabors Industries and away from the international law firm. Persons familiar with Mr. Anthony Petrello know him as an intelligent and diligent leader–therefore, his easily transitioning from one industry to the next–although, quite the achievement, did not surprise his co-peers

Academically-speaking, Anthony Petrello, at an early age: demonstrated, extraordinary genius, as it pertained to the subject of math. He went on to the highly prestigious Ivy League College of Yale University and earned two degrees in Mathematics. One was a B.S. degree in Math; and the other was an M.S. degree in Mathematics. If that was not enough: Mr. Anthony Petrello, never afraid of a challenge, tackled law school–and very successfully. He attained a J.D., from the highly prestigious Harvard Law College.

Anthony Petrello has been Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., since June of 2012. He, too, holds the post of Director at many important organizations.

He is a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. Another Director position he holds is at: Stewart & Stevenson, a Limited Liability Corporation, since February 28, 2011.

Anthony Petrello’s community involvement and his determined leadership spirit bring each of the industries, wherein, he serves and provides insight, a great deal of strength and focus. The Houston community is made a better place to live by the presence of Anthony Petrello.

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Sam Tabar Joins Full Cycle Energy as Chief Operating Officer

Sam Tabar joined Full Cycle Energy as its Chief Operating Officer in December 2015. The clean energy company has a mission to convert municipal waste into energy and to lower the cost of power plants by reducing their use of fossil fuel.

Prior to joining Full Cycle Energy, Mr. Tabar had worked as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch at the Bank of America. Here, he was responsible for working together with fund managers by introducing them to specific investment institutions.

Additionally, he helped form both front and back office teams. He also helped consult on legal and operational matters.

Before working for Merill Lynch, he co-led the marketing department for Sparx Group, and was responsible for every aspect of marketing on a global scale.

Sparx Group is known for being the biggest independent fund in Asia Pacific. During his time there, he was able to help the company grow even more in the Asia Pacific region.


Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University where he pursued a degree in Arts. Later, he joined the Columbia law school to study law. After school, he started working for Skadden, a prestigious law firm.

He began as an associate where he helped clients with private placement memorandums, investment management agreements, employment and hedge fund issues and regulatory and compliance matters.

As a result of his work in both the legal and business world, he has become one of the most sought-after professionals. He is known for choosing to focus mostly on clients with a high net worth, and family corporations. According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar has contributed to massive capital growth at each firm that he has worked for. You can read more about Sam here: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

Languages and Pastime

He is fluent in Japanese and French. In his free time, he loves to travel and host events.

Bottom Line

The whole team at Full Cycle Energy is excited to have Mr. Tabar on board. With numerous achievements under his belt, he is sure to be a positive addition to the team.


Lori Senecal’s Unique Approach To Management

CP+B’s need for growth and global expansion has seen the company seek the services of one of the renowned executive leaders in the industry. Recently, Lori Senecal joined the company to serve as the global chief executive officer. The company created the new position in order to bring in the business leader without eliminating any of its current leaders who are doing great in their positions. As the Global CEO, Lori will be the highest ranked official at the firm. The other leader will be reporting to her.

According to her Fast Company bio, previously, Lori Senecal served as KBS’ global executive chairman. She has also been a key figure at the MDC Partners. Through her strategic visions and unique business model, Lori helped fuel growth at the MDC. She is a strong believer in cross-collaboration. At MDC, she was mandated with the duty of partnering with clients and helping establish a seamless structure at the firm. This information was originally reported on

When she joined KBS five years ago, she noticed that the industry had created a hyperbole of innovation. It was her responsibility to inspire the industry towards genuine innovation. A responsibility she efficiently satisfied by igniting a movement to press for the change. Her success saw the establishment of KBS as the inventive world’s ideal brand agency. Over the years, Lori stuck solidly to her belief that the right way to deliver competitive advantage to brands is through real innovation. This situation led to the creation of various units at KBS with the objective of fulfilling her dreams to the KBS. These units are Spies & Assassins, KBS Content Labs and KBS Ventures. They focused on technology, content creation, and start-up investment respectively.

The executive leader also believes in the creation of opportunities. In all the companies she worked for previously, Lori in her 3% speech has continually encouraged the employees to invent the career that they want. The employees have taken on the challenges and came up with ideas that she has backed and incubated. She asserts that employees should pitch their ideas at competitive events, which are organized by KBS. Such events have helped in fueling invention and an opportunity creation culture at the firm. Lori’s exemplary leadership at KBS saw the company grow from a domestic agency employing 250 people to an international company having over 800 employees. Crain categorizes the company as one of the best places for employees to work.

During a recent interview by Laura Dunn, Lori Senecal revealed the factors that pushed her to be a transformative leader. As the last born in a family of four children, her talented sisters obscured the future business leader from the world. She seemed to be thriving in her sisters’ shadows. Lori was not happy about this situation. To this end, she went on to discover her identity. She started by dreaming. Later, she took golden steps to set herself apart from her siblings. Today, Lori is a revered executive leader.


Helane Morrison: Over 30 Years Of Standing Up For Justice And Fair Play

Helane Morrison is San Francisco based investment company Hall Capital Partners general counsel. managing director and Chief Compliance Officer. The firm is run entirely by women. Morrison joined the firm in 2007 after 11 years running the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco office. At the SEC she handled fraud litigation, securities law enforcement and regulatory issues. The area for which she was responsible included Northern California as well as five Northwest states. Morrison was the head of enforcement from 1996 to 1999. Her job included representing the SEC to the news media and other government agencies.


Morrison was ideal for the position. She attended Northwestern University and earned a B. S. in journalism. She has a J. D. from UC Berkeley School of Law. Morrison was the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief and served as a law clerk for Appeals Court Judge Richard Posen and Justice Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court after passing the California bar exam. She was an attorney at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. She was made partner in 1991. Morrison’s work was focused on business litigation, private securities actions as well as matters related to the SEC.


Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in part because of its diverse leadership culture Her goal was to help restore the confidence of investors in the financial markets. Morrison has consistently fought against corporate crime and corruption throughout her career and has tenaciously upheld moral values and basic ethics. For over 30 years she’s fought for global business practices that are fair and ethical and against predatory practices by taking a proactive approach. She’s a champion for moral correctness and equality and has taken legal action against corrupt businesses.


Her role at Hall Capital Partners is to ensure all their business dealings above board and done with maximum transparency. At the SEC she investigated Fortune 500 companies, uncovered the sale to military personnel of fraudulent securities, exposed illegal activity at Ernst and Young, worked to eradicate insider trading and point out online trading websites’ potential dangers and defended defrauded senior citizens. At Hall Capital she helps the company manage in excess of $24 billion in assets from some of America’s wealthiest families.


Helane Morrison with her assertiveness, hard work, resilience and flexibility has become a role model and mentor for many young women. She has exemplified a passion for justice and fair-play.

Squaw Valley Statement

Following unforgiving rainfall, many Placer County water systems were affected – some needing complete overhauls. Squaw Valley was not spared by the strange weather and ended up needing to upgrade the water system over the summer, which led to contamination.


After routine testing turned up some unusual results, Squaw Valley immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental health as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District to alert them of the problem. They didn’t stop there, however, as Squaw Valley officials went a step further, contacting other water safety experts.


Working together with different agencies and experts, Squaw Valley has taken every step possible to both ensure current comfort as well as safety. This includes the fact that they have offered bottled drinking water free to their guests. They have encouraged their guests to follow recommendations to not drink the water, and have issued warnings in regards to their unusual findings during regular testing.


Though the contaminated water was never made available to the public, Squaw Valley has taken this contamination very seriously. They have gone above and beyond to resolve the problem both quickly and safely. At no point do they want to even chance the safety of their guests. They refuse to okay water usage until all contamination is completely gone.


A spokesperson from Squaw Valley was quoted as saying, “The safety of our customers is paramount to us.” This has been shown as true through their actions. They expect to be returning to full and regular water usages in the very near future.

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Leadership and Success of Highland Capital

The giant and experienced Highland Capital Management traces its inception way back in January 1990 as a brainchild of two partners namely James Dondero and Mark Okada. It was a joint investment with Protective Life Corporation and the main activities being majorly managing bank loans. In 1993, the venture was changed to Protective Asset Management Company.

When this newly formed company was at the peak in May 1997, James Dondero and Mark Okada bought a stake in the firm thereby converting it into the privately owned company in the name of the two partners. The company name was then again changed to Ranger Asset Management and was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn more about Highland Capital Management:

The following year, the Ranger Assert Management was transformed to the today’s Highland Capital Management with headquarters in Dallas, Texas with over 180 employees.

His LinkedIn profile say that since Highland Capital Management was started, it has truly shown the world its commitment and enthusiasm to grow and expand. Under the able leadership of the duo, the company has made significant achievements and the most remarkable being the launch of blended bank loan funding and the Investment Company Act of 1940 as an alternative platform.

These fundamental changes were effected in the year 2000. The company in 2004 also acquired funds from Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management spread its wings globally by opening its office in Singapore in the year 2008.

The company is unique and of its kind. When it comes to serving its clients, it offers the best suitable solutions to challenges facing its customers. The company broke new ground by coming up with the much-commended CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation), managing about 39 of them worth $32 billion.

Crunchbase is something that Highland Capital Management has new strategies in place for investors that focus on damaged assets and pension plans other than the CLOs. For instance, the one established in Canada and USA.

According to Global News Wire, finally, not only does highland capital Management involve itself with investing their finance in the market, but also it tries to make a difference in the society socially by helping them meet their expectations and needs.

The company dedicates its prime time and resources in the form of charity donations to non-profit making organizations (about 10 million US Dollars as from 2005), giving voluntary services like healthcare and education programs, and advice where the situation demands. The company also prides itself on being in the forefront on matters of the national platform.


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cleansing Conditioners

Taking good care of your hair should always be a priority in your life of things to do. The hair plays a crucial role in how we are viewed as a people. Unfortunately this contemporary society is very vain as everyone is judged by their appearance rather than the content of their character. The ladies just love their hair without any doubts. Women actually spend the most money on haircare products and services when compared to men. Women also tend to have longer hair than their male counterparts and with this added length comes extra challenges.

Conditioning is very common as well as being one of the industry’s best sellers. These products can change the appearance and texture of hair, which makes them very desirable. Unfortunately these products can be harmful with consistent use and by using them too much, the hair becomes fragile. Some conditioners are just too strong or thick, which can leave a heavy build-up on your scalp. Like all living organs, the scalp needs oxygen to perform at maximum capacity.

One of the best brands on the market today is WEN by Chaz and it’s taking the industry by storm. WEN’s conditioners come in a variety of formulas such as:

Mandarin Italian Fig Conditioner
Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner
Lavender Cleaning Conditioner
Bamboo Green Tea Restorative Conditioner
Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner
And many more

Did you know that many of your favorite conditioners are loaded with dangerous chemicals? These chemicals are sulfates, parabens, and contaminants. With consistent use, you can actually be doing more harm than good. Some products are way too strong while others never really live up to the hype. Did you know that many of these conditioners don’t bond well enough with the hair? When this happens your hair will frizz and become very dry. The best thing to do is to always remain vigilant of your hair/scalp’s moisture.

WEN by Chaz takes all of the guess work out for managing your hair. 3 Week Studies of these advanced products gave the hair more moisture and made it much easier to maintain. 100% of users who participated in the study stated that their hair had much more moisture while 97% stated that it gave the hair more shine. Synthetic products just cant give you these type of results.

Norman Pattiz Brings Beyond The Darkness To The PodcastOne Network

Technology has changed the way many things are done in the world today. People have changed almost every aspect of their lives because of technology. The use of technology innovations such as laptops, smartphones, WiFi, and tablets has transformed the world into a digital world. In addition, the world has become mobile. People can go almost anywhere and do whatever they desire through the use of technology.


One of the uses of technology that has become common for millions of people around the world is the use of the Internet to view and listen to news, live events, and shows. The Internet has evolved into a medium that is more than just what it started out as, which was as a way to communicate. Today, the Internet is a multimedia platform that uses video, audio, and pictures to bring all types of business and personal uses to the Internet.


With the technology that is available, the Internet can be used currently in the same manner as television without the limitations of televisions. People use the Internet to watch all types of events, news, and shows that were once only seen on television. A growing method of listening to shows on the Internet is the podcast. The podcast provides flexibility to people interested in listening to shows.


A popular podcast network that has come to the front of the podcast industry is PodcastOne. The network is a leader in the podcast industry. The company is planning to add the show Beyond The Darkness to its network lineup. The show will air on the Chris Jericho network under the PodcastOne umbrella.


Beyond The Darkness is a different type of show than is typically seen on PodcastOne. The show will have a guest each week who will discuss a topic related to angels, ghosts, demons, or a similar topic. Beyond The Darkness will air on Mondays. It can be seen on, iTunes, and podcast app.


Norman Pattiz is the chairman and founder of PodcastOne. Recognized as an industry giant, Norman Pattiz has made a name for himself in the broadcast industry. He is the founder of Westwood One. He guided the company to the top of the radio industry.

With the success that Norman Pattiz has achieved in the broadcast industry, he has received numerous awards and honors for his many accomplishments. Norman Pattiz is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. He has been appointed to special positions by two presidents of the United States. In his career, Norman Pattiz has been able to impact the entire broadcast industry.

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