Not a Man to be Messed With

Thor Halvorssen is 39 years old and is the president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York City. He’s no stranger to spending sleepless nights furthering his cause and working into the wee hours of the morning. While he may not wield a hammer, he’s certainly not a man to be ignored either.

Thor Halvorssen launched the foundation in 2005 for individual liberty and human rights. Even discussing either of these issues should be given quarter is not up for discussion for him. His knowledge on the subject is hardly new considering his forebears had to go toe to toe with tyrants.

Thor’s mother is a descended from the Venezuela president, Cristobal Mendoza and Simon the Liberator who was a military leader who helped Latin America to finally win its independence from Spain.

Thor Halvorssen has stated empathetically in the past he loves people and he’s dealt with his own trials as a human rights activity. He and a cameraman traveled to Ho Chi Minh City in 2010 to have an interview with Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

Thor taped the interview after sneaking into the monastery, but was caught by Vietnamese authorities who used him as a punching bag. He was detained and arrested by police, but was able to convince them he was a Buddhist seeker. He and his cameraman snuck out with the hidden video card.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who doesn’t discriminate among his staff either and they seem to share his same views. He’s never been known to ask about the political inclinations for anyone under his employee so long as they’re willing to pursue the same mission as HRF. The staff at HRF ran from democrats to legal geniuses in charge of keeping the organization running smoothly. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Linked In

The focus or HRF is to uncover the wrongs down to political prisoners, expose authoritarianism, and to lend a voice to the dissidents. They don’t waste their time moving forward to expose these wrongs and trying to bring attention to them. While HRF only has a small team to cover these issues, they all share a strong passion for human rights and liberty.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Forbes

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