Jeremy Goldstein- Viability of Stock Options

In recent times, many companies are decided to eliminate stock options for their workers. The reason that these companies are giving is that they need boost their returns by saving more. However, this is not the sole reason. In fact, some of the reasons why they are doing this are not known to those affected. We will take a look at the major reasons that push companies and corporations to take this step.


The first reason is that stock options are never constant. This means that their value fluctuates depending on the economic status. In case the options go down, the stock options that employees hold also lose value.


Secondly, many employees know that they are most likely to lose value in case the returns of a company goes downhill. For this reason, many employees avoid them and prefer to have their full earnings in form of a salary.


Third and the last one, there is an intensive process involved in processing the stock options. There are many deductions that are made that at the end, the stock option will be of little benefit. Stock options expenditure may overshadow the real benefit of the stock options.


Although there are these disadvantages associated with stock options, there are other crucial benefits that may be realized from implementing them.

One, stock options are simple to understand how they work. It, therefore, becomes a crucial option for any employee.


Secondly, the value of the stock options is directly related to the value of the company’s share. If the share is valuable, the stock option will be valuable. Since employees are at the heart of the company success or failure, they cannot risk their damaging the company share value since they will also be affected. Therefore, stock options is a legitimate way of demanding more input from the employees.


The knockout barrier


The knockout barrier is the solution for any employee who wants to consider taking the stock options. Knockout barrier provides a specific value that in case the share value goes below, employees will automatically lose their stock options. Also, an employee has the liberty to withdraw the stock options in case the share vale has stagnated at one price.


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