Fabletics Indicates a Future of Acceptance

Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand has made a huge impact in the fashion industry. It is currently changing the way people market, shop, and wear clothes. One of the ways that Fabletics is changing the fashion industry is that it is pushing a message of acceptance. People are encouraged to accept one another regardless of size and other characteristics. After all, people should have the opportunity to find the look that they are satisfied with so that they can feel complete. Fabletics is not only being very creative in the products they design and offer but is also being more involved in the shopping process of the customers.


Even thought Fabletics is an athleisure brand, Kate Hudson has decided that it is in the best interest of the brand to market towards the larger people. One of the reasons that larger women are being reached is that they are a large percentage of the population. Another thing is that many of the stores are not marketing to the plus-sized woman. This leaves her in a predicament where she is going to have to look for something that fits her. Often times, she has to forget about the items that she would’ve loved if she was the right size.


With all of the different topics that are trending in the media, there is no question where society is trying to push the mindset. People are trying to move towards an era of acceptance. Among the efforts that Fabletics is using is fashion diversity. Kate Hudson has pushed to bring forth a wider range of styles to active wear. Another thing that is worth noting is that even men are starting to see some changes in the fashion industry which is one of the reasons that they are starting to take an interest in fashion all over again.


One of the most important steps towards acceptance in the fashion industry is the use of clothing as a means for self expression. When people dress in ways that they want and make it work in a respectable manner, they show people that anything can be impressive.

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