How Can US Money Reserve Gold Protect You During 2017 Revolution Against Globalism?

Is something brewing in the 2016 to 2017 global environment? First, there was Brexit and now there has been an American election of an “outsider.” How can US Money Reserve gold protect you during the “Revolution Against Globalism?”



Don’t Tread on Me


The irony of the 1776 American Revolution, 2016 Brexit and 2016 American election was that they shared a common theme of “freedom.” Some globalists seek to tell others “how to live their lives.” These dictators issue “fake paper IOUs” and argue that all most bow down to the “Golden Calf.”


The truth is that it does not matter what your politics consist of, the beginning of 2017 is turning out to be full of uncertainty. And during these difficult times, gold can be your savior. Why?



Why Don’t People Like Globalism?


People want to be free to live their lives. They want local leaders to make important decisions. They want to feel like they matter. These are the reasons why some resist globalism:



  • Culture
  • Freedom
  • Transparency
  • Impersonal



As you look at the results of globalism, you might see “failure after failure.” The globalists failed in 2008 and forced the taxpayers bail them out. They want to replace local culture, language and history with a bland robotic 1984 mentality.


For many, life has become less free, less transparent and more impersonal. If you hate having someone in India answering your customer service calls, imagine if your family doctor were stationed overseas. Globalists don’t seem to be making life better in any sphere of influence.


In February 2016, the Baltic Dry Index hit a record low. Even 2016 “Black Friday” was rather bland and lackluster. Perhaps, globalists “don’t know what they are doing.”



Be Free! Buy Gold!


US Money Reserve believes in providing you with the means to be free. It has a great new website, allowing you to review the gold and silver coin e-Commerce catalogue in the comfort of your home. Find the perfect investment to protect your freedom.


Find PCGS certified coins; these are special gifts for the holidays. Years down the road, this gold purchase could be the one that kept you free. Learn more at the US Money Reserve Knowledge Center. No one knows how the “Revolution Against Globalism” will end, but protect your wealth against the uncertain future.

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