Nationwide Title Clearing – a Small Business Doing Their Part

Title defects are a major source of inconvenience for residential property owners who are mostly unaware of the serious ramifications of owning a defective title. Often a title defect is only revealed when the seller and the buyer are in the final steps of negotiating the property ownership. At the crucial juncture, title defects can cause serious mishaps leading to stress, financial burden, and even court battles. Simply, any wrong information in the title can make the property legally void.


To address such issues, the leading research and document processing providers in the country, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., has revamped its website to offer online information for property titles of almost every property in the nation. Now anyone can find pertinent information by ordering clear and concise property title reports. Such actions will decrease the risk of buyback or the inability to foreclosure.


Consumers can order a variety of reports, which includes assignment verification report services, current owner report, tax status report, and tax status Plus report. According to the company’s CEO, these reports are based on the actual land report making it easier to verify any type of error in a heavily audited compliance regulatory framework. Unknown to the average consumer, there are a variety of factors that can easily void the property title.


Instance in which property titles become void include simple written errors that do not comply with real estate standards in the area. In addition, a title can also pose legal problems if a signature of any related party are absent. In cases where previous liens and other encumbrances are not removed, title defects are common. In fact, an error can be as simple as a failure to follow a standard procedure. Under these circumstances, it pays to verify title defects of the property, even if everything seems legal.


As for Nationwide Clearing Inc., the company is one of the largest firms in the nation that serves consumers and mortgage industry. Its innovative service and the ability to extract accurate records from a variety of sources has made the company extremely successful. As a result, nearly eight of the ten largest mortgage service providers rely on Nationwide Clearing Inc. to verify title records. Established in 1991, the company is featured among the fastest growing firms in the United States. Recently, it also received Hire Power award in two consecutive years for putting Americans back to work.

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