The Amazing Career Of Brian Bonar

Since 2001 Brian Bonar has been the CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar is one of the most highly thought of developers and financial experts in the world. Brian is well known as a person who will help his clients, project partners and team members accomplish their goals. He is passionate about the design process, and his attention to detail are what guides his approach to any project.

He has considerable experience in every phase of project development, including all phases of design, procurement, and contract administration. Brian has worked in retail/commercial development, aviation, multi-family housing, and school projects. Because of his expertise and experience, Brian Bonar is an asset on any project where he will also work on establishing good client relationships.

For his, over 30 years of outstanding professional management in the financial sector Brian Bonar was recently named Executive of The Year by the Cambridge Who’s Who.

This prestigious award is limited to two men and two women in each discipline. With recipients selected for their accomplishments including leadership and education.

In his role as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, he has been influential in many aspects of employee and employer benefits and the introduction of several aftermarket products. Dalrada Financial Corporation offers their clients a variety of employee programs designed to improve the efficiency of the business.

Among the programs offered are employee benefit packages, risk management insurance, and business management services. Along with his position at Dalrada Financial Corporation Brian is also the CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

He is also looking forward to working with the recent company acquisition, Source One Group. Source One Group is a professional employer organization that offers payroll and human resource assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.

Brian Bonar has a vast portfolio of skills and experience. During his career, he has founded companies, worked for some of the most well-known organizations in the world and has established himself as one of the premier business consultants in the world. Starting his career with IBM, as a procurement manager Brian outsourced motherboards for the computers being sold by the company.

After leaving IBM, Brian joined QMS where he managed over 100 engineers in the development of computer software. Moving to the Rastek Corporation in 1989 Brian worked in the marketing and sales of printing technology that led to customers throughout the world. As Brian became more involved in the printing industry, he was named sales manager for Adaptec, where he worked with Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers.

In 1994 Brian decided it was time to be on his own, founding Bezier Systems. Because of what he had learned in the printing industry Bezier Systems was the first company to create and market a SCSI based printer.

Brian Bonar in recognized as an expert in new business development, securing venture capital and overseeing mergers and acquisitions. He has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.