One of Music’s Most Prominent Women, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the chief operating officer (COO) of Roc Nation, an entertainment company. She is also one of the most powerful women in the music industry. Perez is a huge part of what brought the rapper Jay-Z to his success, and the two names are closely tied together. She and several other women hope to change this male- dominated industry and bring more diversity in. Just recently, Desiree Perez and five other women wrote a letter to Neil Portnow, the president of the Recording Academy, saying that the academy is “Woefully out of touch with today’s music, the music business, and even more significantly society.”

The organization, urged by the six women who wrote the letter as well as others, has said that they will make efforts to end the way they have stopped women from advancing in the music industry. Making such a stand hasn’t always been easy for women though, and Desiree has had to fight her way to the top to make a path for younger women. Perez has also shown her support of the #MeToo movement, particularly for some of the women for whom she has helped gain success.

Mariah Carey is included in these artists, taking her stand as well in the “Time’s Up” movement. Desiree and her husband, Juan Perez, are also part of a group of investors in the entertainment company, the Hova Circle of Influence. This strong female leader has without a doubt had her share of struggles to end up where she is now. Her example provides an image for young women and girls to look up to and aspire to become.

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Norka Luque is More than Just a Singer

There are many singers that have many different talents besides the vocals that they can put out. To be an entertainer, singers nearly always need to have more talent than just singing, but Norka takes it a step further with the things that she is able to do. She makes sure that she knows not only how to sing but also that she knows how to be successful with everything that she does. While she is not flaky by any means, she has actually had many different careers and career changes. Singing is the only one that really stuck for her.


In the beginning, Norka decided that she was going to attend business school. For her, the best option was in France. She attended business school and even completed the program graduating as a business professional. She quickly learned, though, that this was not the right career path for her. There was not enough creativity in it and it was something that she really could not use to express herself on a regular basis. She was not happy with the career and decided that she wanted to make a change in the career that she had chosen.


She then decided that she was going to go to culinary arts school while in France. These schools are among the most prestigious and are something that many people may actually have a hard time getting into. They are intended only for people to truly learn about the culinary arts and Norka was able to do that while she was at the school. It gave her a great opportunity but it was still not something that she fit in with. She struggled, still, to find something that was going to satisfy her creative bug and help her express herself on a different level.


While in France, there were people who were in a band who found Norka. They liked her voice and were impressed with the way that she could sing. She liked being up on stage and letting others know about the talent that she had. Norka finally found a career that made sense for her and something that gave her the opportunity to truly express herself without the worry that came with many other creative careers. Several hits later and a huge fan following, Norka knows that a career in singing should have been the clear choice from the beginning of her career.