John Goullet: Someone with a Keen Eye

When you work for an IT staffing company, you have to have a keen eye for talent. You have to see things that other people might miss or overlook in certain people. Too often, people follow a certain formula when it comes to hiring people. They have a sheet of paper and if someone doesn’t fit what they are looking for or fit into a neat little category, they check them off the list without even giving them a fair chance. That is a real shame because you can miss out on a golden gem just because they don’t check all of your categories and aren’t exactly what you are looking for.

Life isn’t meant to be made up of pieces of paper and just resumes. There is much more to life than that. There are certain measurable that can’t be viewed on a piece of paper. Sometimes you have to throw someone into the water and see if they sink or swim. For instance, someone might have a pitch perfect resume and they look great on paper. However, when they actually have to perform the job and do it, they fold under the pressure and are unable to handle it and find it too overwhelming for them. On the other hand, maybe there is some that is perfect for the job but they might have one or two things missing on their resume.

That is where someone like John Goullet comes in, as he can separate the good from the bad and he has an awareness unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. Diversant considers themselves very lucky to have him on board as he seems to know the answers before others might even know them. He just feels it in his bones. He can read people very well and he knows the right questions to ask and doesn’t follow a specific script of what an employee should be according to a sheet of paper that someone printed out.

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