Brian Torchin Has Created The Best Medical Employment Agency To Date

Dr. Brian Torchin has a professional license as a Chiropractor and has many years of experience in both physical therapy and sports medicine. While attending the University of Deleware, he studied exercise sciences where he then obtained his degree.

After graduating he went on to contribute a lot of time and resources to the healthcare field by assisting many other medical professionals by providing the resources to obtain employment.

According to his official Facebook and Twitter pages, Brian Torchin posts many opportunities for healthcare employment by listing open vacancies which the public can apply for.

Torchin is the current president of the medical staffing organization, HCRC, which he founded back in 2005. HCRC, which stands for Health Care Recruitment Counselors’, provides all medical professionals, physicians, and therapists with employment counseling that’ll help prepare them for the workforce.

Since its founding, Torchin has continued to provide staffing services related to healthcare to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly during their employment searches.

HCRC’s primary role is to connect bridges between medical professionals and healthcare facilities throughout North America as well as throughout Europe and Asia.

Along with connecting prospective employees, HCRC also guarantees only the best-trained staff by verifying each of their clients’ credentials and education to ensure that only top quality employees are referred.

This lets all employers know that they are getting top notch medical staff who are able to provide the healthcare service that they are searching for.

After receiving the necessary teaching from HCRC, all of the medical staff can then apply and join the ever-growing healthcare industry. This is all thanks to Dr. Torchin and his many years of know-how by working throughout the medical field himself.

According to Glassdoor, this goes to show that Brian Torchin has a strong understanding of the struggles involved while looking for the perfect position which is the main reason why he created HCRC.

Besides listing available positions with healthcare facilities, HCRC also prepares medical students for interviews and also follow their journey all the way up to employment.

It is obvious that utilizing HCRC has its advantages when it comes to looking for employment. They provide a great service for both prospective employees as well as healthcare facilities.