Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cleansing Conditioners

Taking good care of your hair should always be a priority in your life of things to do. The hair plays a crucial role in how we are viewed as a people. Unfortunately this contemporary society is very vain as everyone is judged by their appearance rather than the content of their character. The ladies just love their hair without any doubts. Women actually spend the most money on haircare products and services when compared to men. Women also tend to have longer hair than their male counterparts and with this added length comes extra challenges.

Conditioning is very common as well as being one of the industry’s best sellers. These products can change the appearance and texture of hair, which makes them very desirable. Unfortunately these products can be harmful with consistent use and by using them too much, the hair becomes fragile. Some conditioners are just too strong or thick, which can leave a heavy build-up on your scalp. Like all living organs, the scalp needs oxygen to perform at maximum capacity.

One of the best brands on the market today is WEN by Chaz and it’s taking the industry by storm. WEN’s conditioners come in a variety of formulas such as:

Mandarin Italian Fig Conditioner
Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner
Lavender Cleaning Conditioner
Bamboo Green Tea Restorative Conditioner
Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner
And many more

Did you know that many of your favorite conditioners are loaded with dangerous chemicals? These chemicals are sulfates, parabens, and contaminants. With consistent use, you can actually be doing more harm than good. Some products are way too strong while others never really live up to the hype. Did you know that many of these conditioners don’t bond well enough with the hair? When this happens your hair will frizz and become very dry. The best thing to do is to always remain vigilant of your hair/scalp’s moisture.

WEN by Chaz takes all of the guess work out for managing your hair. 3 Week Studies of these advanced products gave the hair more moisture and made it much easier to maintain. 100% of users who participated in the study stated that their hair had much more moisture while 97% stated that it gave the hair more shine. Synthetic products just cant give you these type of results.