Leadership and Success of Highland Capital

The giant and experienced Highland Capital Management traces its inception way back in January 1990 as a brainchild of two partners namely James Dondero and Mark Okada. It was a joint investment with Protective Life Corporation and the main activities being majorly managing bank loans. In 1993, the venture was changed to Protective Asset Management Company.

When this newly formed company was at the peak in May 1997, James Dondero and Mark Okada bought a stake in the firm thereby converting it into the privately owned company in the name of the two partners. The company name was then again changed to Ranger Asset Management and was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn more about Highland Capital Management: http://www.nasdaq.com/quotes/institutional-portfolio/highland-capital-management-lp-112099

The following year, the Ranger Assert Management was transformed to the today’s Highland Capital Management with headquarters in Dallas, Texas with over 180 employees.

His LinkedIn profile say that since Highland Capital Management was started, it has truly shown the world its commitment and enthusiasm to grow and expand. Under the able leadership of the duo, the company has made significant achievements and the most remarkable being the launch of blended bank loan funding and the Investment Company Act of 1940 as an alternative platform.

These fundamental changes were effected in the year 2000. The company in 2004 also acquired funds from Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management spread its wings globally by opening its office in Singapore in the year 2008.

The company is unique and of its kind. When it comes to serving its clients, it offers the best suitable solutions to challenges facing its customers. The company broke new ground by coming up with the much-commended CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation), managing about 39 of them worth $32 billion.

Crunchbase is something that Highland Capital Management has new strategies in place for investors that focus on damaged assets and pension plans other than the CLOs. For instance, the one established in Canada and USA.

According to Global News Wire, finally, not only does highland capital Management involve itself with investing their finance in the market, but also it tries to make a difference in the society socially by helping them meet their expectations and needs.

The company dedicates its prime time and resources in the form of charity donations to non-profit making organizations (about 10 million US Dollars as from 2005), giving voluntary services like healthcare and education programs, and advice where the situation demands. The company also prides itself on being in the forefront on matters of the national platform.