Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Leading Bradesco To The Top Of The Banking Industry

Bradesco has consistently emerged as one of the leading private banks in the country, and a lot of the recent developments that the company has been experiencing was because of the changes that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has brought along to the company. Trabuco currently serves as the chairman of the company, a position which he was presented after the retirement of the previous chairman of the company. Before taking up this position, Trabuco served as the President of the company, which was a position from which he implemented a number of changes and developments to Bradesco.

Bradesco stands as one of the biggest private banks in Brazil. The company has always stood among some of the tops in the country, but the need to reach the number one spot has always been prevalent. When Bradesco was asked to take over the position of President of the company in 2009, Bradesco stood as the second largest private bank in Brazil. It had been working towards that number one position but was never able to fully make the push to the top. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was asked to take over as the President of the company, he knew that he would have to try an approach that was different from the ones that the company had already been doing for so many years. One of the routes towards development that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi implemented at Bradesco was increasing the number of banks that Bradesco had at locations throughout the country. The main idea behind this was improving the reach of the company so that more people all over Bradesco have access to the services that they provide according to Within a short time of taking on this expansion, the company saw an increase in their standing and was ultimately able to reach the number one position within the industry.


Working towards big goals has always been one of the things that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was proficient with. His journey with Bradesco began when he was out looking for a job and managed to attain one at a bank that Bradesco had that was situated close to his place of residence. The first job that he had to work at was as a bank teller. Trabuco has always been an incredibly determined individual and knew that he would have to face a tough road ahead if he wanted to stand out as an essential member of the company. After spending years, climbing up the ranks within the company, Trabuco was ultimately given the position of CEO of Bradesco Seguros. This was the banking and insurance division of Bradesco, which was something that Trabuco was proficient with.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is without a doubt a benifical leader to the company. Having worked his way up, he knows the workings of all the levels within the company. He knows what even the lowest level employees within the company need to do, having worked in those positions himself. He worked for almost 4 decades in Bradesco. Trabuco stands as a classic example of what hard work and determination can do for the success of an individual.

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Doe Deere: Business Dreams Become A Reality With Lime Crime

Russian born entrepreneur Doe Deere has always loved make-up and bright colors. She has combined them to create her cosmetics company Lime Crime. Called the “Queen of Unicorns” because she proudly wears brightly colored hair, lips, eyeshadow and nail polish, Doe Deere got her introduction to business while she was still a schoolgirl in Russia. She started wearing temporary tattoos and selling them to her classmates. When her family moved to New York when she was a teenager, Doe Deere continued to pursue her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman. Learn more:


During the 14 years she spent in New York, Doe Deere first attended Fashion Institute of Technology to get the skills she needed to make it as a model and fashion designer. When that didn’t work, she founded a rock bank and pursued a career in music. When she couldn’t find make-up in bright enough colors for her stage show, Doe Deere decided to make some herself. The people in her online make-up tutorial begged her to sell some to them. She did and with their rave reviews and encouragement, Doe Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics.


Combining her passion for makeup and her love for bright colors has led to the success of the convention-smashing Lime Crime brand. Although traditional fashion experts told her the colors were too bright and marketing make-up on the internet wouldn’t work, Doe Deere followed her heart. When see offered her wildly colored make-up to the world using her innovative internet marketing techniques, she was soon deluged with orders. Apparently there are millions of people that have long wanted brightly colored make-up and didn’t know where to find it until Lime Crime popped up on their computer screens.


Lime Crime is now one of the hottest brands on the international market. The company offers hair dye, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, nail polish and more in blindingly bright colors. Plus, Doe Deere uses only vegan ingredients and never tests her products on animals. People of all sexes, ages and cultures now have the rainbow colored make-up they have long desired to create the unique look the want. And Doe Deere is happy to feature Lime Crime customers wearing the make-up in unique ways on the company’s social media feeds. Lime Crime is now an international phenomenon that encourages creative self-expression.


Even as Doe Deere’s success and Lime Crime’s customer base has grown, she still makes time to speak with and encourage other female entrepreneurs. Doe Deere tells them the importance of believing in themselves and their products. She also makes them aware they will have to be willing to put in the work necessary to make their products the best they possibly can. Doe Deere also shares advice on unique marketing techniques and having the determination to continue to move forward with and refine their business plan even when others doubt them.


With the success of her low-budget, unconventional brand, Doe Deere has now become a role model and an inspiration for countless other aspiring female entrepreneurs. Learn more: