Billy McFarland: The All-American Millennial CEO Of Magnises

Billy McFarland is one of America’s most successful millennial entrepreneurs. At only 23 years old, McFarland has created an extremely popular networking club for young professionals called Magnises. Although Magnises only has operations in Washington D.C. and New York City right now, McFarland hopes to expand this company’s reach in the years to come.

According to CNBC, Although Billy McFarland was born in NYC, he was raised in the Short Hills area of New Jersey. McFarland showed an interest in entrepreneurship from a very early age. While McFarland studied computer engineering at Bucknell University, he continued to pursue his passion for creating meaningful businesses in his spare time.

McFarland decided to leave Bucknell College after developing his ad design company called Spling. Spling works to help businesses achieve optimal URL style. Just a few of Spling’s top clients include NBCUniversal and Discovery Communications, Incorporated. McFarland currently serves as the CEO for Spling.

After the success of Spling, Billy McFarland founded the social gathering company Magnises in 2013. Today, Magnises has well over 6,000 active members in NYC and DC. Most of the members are between the ages of 21 and 35.

McFarland has told reporters that Magnises was intended to be the premier networking tool for millennials. Every member of Magnises gets a stylish black card that can be linked to their bank account if they so choose.

With a Magnises membership, guests get alerts to special get-togethers, as well as discounts on restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, live shows, and sporting events in both NYC and DC.

It costs each member around $250 annually to renew Magnises membership. A few of the companies in NYC that Magnises members can get discounts at include Finale, Goldbar, La Esquina, and Catch.

When Magnises just started out it was headquartered in the West Village. Nowadays, Magnises is headquartered at the Hotel on Rivington in the Lower East Side.

Currently Mangises is working on various ways to enhance the overall guest experience for their members. McFarland told reporters he is now working on adding special features for Magnises members in NYC. Billy McFarland also said he would like to roll out Magnises in other major metropolitan cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and even London