Bob Reina: He’s The Model

For people that are considering a career change and are afraid to do so, there is a model of how it can be done the right way and none other than Bob Reina of Talk Fusion is showing it. He is living proof that someone can really enhance their life by changing careers. Make no mistake about it; Bob Reina loved his career as a police officer. He knows, in his heart of hearts, he made a difference in the lives of so many people out there. That is something he will always carry with him and something that truly impacts the way he goes about his life. That experience was invaluable to him, and he will never, ever forget it for the rest of his life. Learn more:


When someone has those types of experiences, they are in their memory bank for the foreseeable future. It is not like they just erase them, forget about them, and move on, as they can’t erase that part of their life. It does come with them in other avenues of their life, however. It has helped Bob Reina as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. This is the company that everyone in the tech world is talking about and for good reason: it has enhanced the lives of so many people out there in so many ways.


Whenever someone can do that, they know they are on the right path and they are doing the right thing with their lives. They know they were put on this earth to make a difference. Bob Reina knows this. He has gone on record and said that with great responsibility comes great power. He is well aware of this fact, and it is something he carries with him over at Talk Fusion. He is big on speeches, but it is not because he likes to listen to himself talk.


He just knows that when he talks, people tend to listen and pay attention. They are going to take what he has to say to heart and they are going to use it in their own lives. Right now, he is talking about dreams and encouraging people to go after them with all they have inside of them. He knows that people with dreams are the kind of people that are going to change the world for the better. They have big ideas that will make a big impact.





Tech startup businesses growth in Switzerland supported by Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the executive chairman of a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Baur started this company in 2014 after he retired voluntarily from the banking sector where he had worked since 1991. As he was leaving the banking sector, he had acquired enough experience that could enable him to guide others on how to manage their businesses. In his time in the banking sector, he had the honor of working for the wealthiest people in the country. He used to advise them on the investment opportunities that were available. Mike Baur gained a reputation at a very young age. He had joined the banking sector as an apprentice at the age of 16. He started by working for the Union Bank of Switzerland before he moved on to other banks till within Switzerland.


Mike Baur has been focusing his energies on the development of new ideas especially in the financial sector. Mike Baur appreciates that we are living in a digital age where innovations are driving the world. People who can come up with brilliant ideas which can be monetized have a higher chance of excelling in business. The world today is more accommodative to new ideas. Today, the financial sector is one of those which have been affected by new ideas. There are technologies which have made monetary transaction safer and better. Today, there are many mobile technologies which support pay services. The blockchain technology is another innovation which is bringing changes in the world.


Mike Baur is enthusiastic about disruptive technologies which are coming up lately. He sees as ideas which are worth billions of dollars. Entrepreneurs who will be able to come up with such ideas are guaranteed of success. Swiss Startup Factory is leading other companies in Switzerland in promoting new business ideas. This company is ensuring that any brilliant idea that comes through its doors is not allowed to go to waste.


Startup business are offering good opportunities to investors to invest in ideas which have a high potential. The Swiss Startup Factory brings together young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and investors in a platform where they can share ideas. Mike Baur has created a three months incubator program where participants undergo thorough training and mentorship. He also provides them with office space free of charge where they can run their ideas. Mike Baur follows up the performance of the business ideas even after the incubator period is over.


OSI Food Solutions Expands Their Food Capacity

What is OSI Food Solutions?

When OSI Food Solutions was first founded in 1909, it was just a little meat market. However, since 1955 it has been known as one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and value-added protein products to top retail brands establishments and food service organizations. Based out of Aurora, Illinois; Poultry, pizza, hot dogs, baked goods, seafood, vegetable, beef and pork products, are just some of the food items that OSI provides. The privately owned corporation now has almost 60 facilities operating in 17 countries, according to the Wattage net Top Poultry Companies Database.

OSI Food Solutions Increased Food Products While it Doubled Chicken Production Capacity

In 1990 OSI established, it’s food processing plant in Toledo, Spain and extended its production capacity annually to over 45,000 tons of food products that included beef, pork and chicken products. Apparently, quality, processed chicken products alone were increased to 24,000 tons annually from 12,000 tons. The expansion took a $17 million investment and completed in 2017. Additionally, while there were already 140 workers employed by the company, 20 new jobs were opened as a result of the extension that also included the need for a product development manager position.

According to the managing director of the OSI Group in Spain, Jose Maria Del Rio, the expansion was due to a higher demand for mostly chicken products that was growing fast in both Portugal and Spain. Moreover, the demand grew by 8 percent on average annually for three years prior to the expansion and 6 percent in the previous decade. Nevertheless, Del Rio also added that they anticipate the demand will continue to grow for which they are prepared.

Tyson Food Plant Also Purchased By OSI

Essentially, the senior executive vice president of OSI in North America, Kevin Scott, also stated in a press conference that the growth of their company was established to meet the needs of their rapidly growing customers’ demands for more product. Consequently, in June 2016, OSI also purchased a 200,000 square foot, Tyson Foods storage warehouse and food processing facility in Aurora, IL, which was not too far from their already existing establishment located in Chicago IL. According to the Chicago Tribune, it reportedly cost them $7.4 million to acquire this facility.

OSI Attained A Controlling Stake in Baho Food

Subsequently, in August 2016 OSI purchased a controlling stake in Baho Food located in the Netherlands, which — according to the president and chief operating officer, David McDonald — gives the OSI Group a larger stronghold on the European market. Moreover, the managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers was pleased with the transactions and stated that he was looking forward to working with the OSI group as the merger would help Baho to grow rapidly as well as realize their goals.

Assessing the Rise of Charter Schools as Rocketship Education Leads the Way

Parents are taking a second look at charter schools, and Rocketship Education is the school system that is getting the attention. It is a charter school system that is growing far beyond where it was originally conceptualized because it has been getting positive reviews. People want to take a second look and see how they may be able to benefit from this if they have children in the public school system.

Rocketship has become of the best for creating charter schools. This is the thing that is going to improve grades for parents that have children that may not have been privy to a private school education.

There is a large push for more people to recognize the benefits of this type of school environment because it caters to people that have no other means to access this type of system.

What is essentially equates to is a way for more students from low-income housing to read the benefits of a school system that may be comparable to the education that they would acquire in a private school set. So far the Rocketship education program has reached California, Washington, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

This Rocketship Education system is one of the most promising environments for those that want their children to experience a better education. This system is in Redwood City in the California area, but it has spread far beyond this area. This expansion into other areas is a clear sign that the blended learning model that uses adaptive software and personalized learning is working. There is an increase in student achievement, and this is not accidental. The 10+ years that this charter school system has been in existence shows that teachers are really tapping into the power of hands-on learning in the K-5 school system.

More parents are getting on board as new schools come into play. The world of charter schools inside of the public school systems is getting a lot of positive feedback because the results are measured. These schools have been in place long enough to measure the results of students, and the results are good.