Brian Torchin Has Created The Best Medical Employment Agency To Date

Dr. Brian Torchin has a professional license as a Chiropractor and has many years of experience in both physical therapy and sports medicine. While attending the University of Deleware, he studied exercise sciences where he then obtained his degree.

After graduating he went on to contribute a lot of time and resources to the healthcare field by assisting many other medical professionals by providing the resources to obtain employment.

According to his official Facebook and Twitter pages, Brian Torchin posts many opportunities for healthcare employment by listing open vacancies which the public can apply for.

Torchin is the current president of the medical staffing organization, HCRC, which he founded back in 2005. HCRC, which stands for Health Care Recruitment Counselors’, provides all medical professionals, physicians, and therapists with employment counseling that’ll help prepare them for the workforce.

Since its founding, Torchin has continued to provide staffing services related to healthcare to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly during their employment searches.

HCRC’s primary role is to connect bridges between medical professionals and healthcare facilities throughout North America as well as throughout Europe and Asia.

Along with connecting prospective employees, HCRC also guarantees only the best-trained staff by verifying each of their clients’ credentials and education to ensure that only top quality employees are referred.

This lets all employers know that they are getting top notch medical staff who are able to provide the healthcare service that they are searching for.

After receiving the necessary teaching from HCRC, all of the medical staff can then apply and join the ever-growing healthcare industry. This is all thanks to Dr. Torchin and his many years of know-how by working throughout the medical field himself.

According to Glassdoor, this goes to show that Brian Torchin has a strong understanding of the struggles involved while looking for the perfect position which is the main reason why he created HCRC.

Besides listing available positions with healthcare facilities, HCRC also prepares medical students for interviews and also follow their journey all the way up to employment.

It is obvious that utilizing HCRC has its advantages when it comes to looking for employment. They provide a great service for both prospective employees as well as healthcare facilities.

Madison Street Capital Lands Game changing Deal For ARES Security Corporation

Earlier in the year, Madison Street Capital which is an investment firm sealed a deal on a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. Madison Street Capital was the sole financial advisor in the deal which included ARES Security Corporation and Corbel Structured Equity Partners which acted as the financing partner. ARES is widely known for its provision of top notch security software products and risk management as well. It is tasked with providing security for the highest priority items in the world. Some of these items include the transportation and energy sectors and complex systems that are controlled by the government.


Corbel has gained status as one of the leading companies in strategic equity funds since it was incepted. To date, it controls investments worth $95 million which has been invested in private small market businesses that have potential to be profitable. This particular deal mainly led to the acquisition of a minority investment and the offering of a downgraded debt investment by Corbel. The deal gives Madison Street Capital the opportunity to propel its sales numbers and also take advantage of the upcoming revenue opportunities from Corbel’s broad network of contacts. The company centers on companies that allow it to give operational value through minimal control and refundable investments.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned investment firm situated in Chicago, Illinois. It has global representation with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has over one decade of extensive experience in the financial and investment sectors. Their vast portfolio consists of business valuation services, mergers and acquisition and corporate tax planning among others. The primary aim of the company is to strategically position their clients to thrive exceptionally in the global market.


It has undeterred commitment to delivering advice on financial matters to the public and privately owned business. Their skill and dedication have given Madison Street Capital reputation among its investment partners and clients as well. The firm has confidence in the quality services that its workforce provides through deeply rooted analysis and the ability to provide meticulous resources and recommendations.


Madison has centered most of its investments in rising markets which have been determined as the most capable growth engineers for numerous businesses all over the world. Due to the firm’s consistent success and unique investment techniques, they have been awarded the Cross Border Deal of The Year to the success of Madison Street Capital and its investment strategies; they received the International. The award is given by M&A Advisor Awards. In 2017, they also received the Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year.


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Securus Technologies – Connecting Prisoners To Their Family Without Overcharging

Securus Technologies is one of the most famous names in the field of civil, criminal justice, inmates’ telecommunications and law enforcement technology. The company believes in offering the best to its vast clientele, and recently also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team, which showcases how dedicated the company is in providing efficient and quick service to its clients.



One of the primary aims of Securus Technologies apart from crime prevention is to provide technology that helps the prisoners stay in touch with their friends and relatives. The products and services of the company also assist in reducing inmate-on-inmate crimes in ways more than one. It helps in reducing the stress from the lives of the prisoners and improves their quality of life.



Securus Technology aims to keep its business machinery as transparent as possible, and it is for this reason it recently published a press release in which it extended an invitation to its customers and investors. The invitation is open to both the prospective as well as the existing clients and investors. The press release also had excerpts from the many letters Securus Technologies receive on a regular basis from the law enforcement officials praising the company’s products and services.



I have been to jail a couple of times in different states during my lifetime, and have used the services of various enterprises in the field of inmate communications. However, Securus Technologies offer the most convenient and cost-effective facilities for the prisoners. It is affordable and reasonably packaged, keeping in mind the situation of the inmates. It has helped me get rid of stress I felt, and I can talk to my son and family regularly through it. I am excited about their new video visitation service that would also allow me to see my family regularly.


The Successes of Brian Bonar in the Financial Field

Brian Bonar is a very successful finance executive in the United States. Brian is the founder of Trucept Incorporated. Trucept is a company that provides insurance products and temporary staff for companies in San Diego.

Brian has worked in different financial firms where he has shown his great skills in financing. Brian Bonar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering and a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College Stafford University respectively.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar has worked in many financial firms before founding his company. His career kicked off at IBM where he worked as a procurement manager. At IBM his work entailed outsourcing motherboards for all the personal computers produced by the company.

Bloomberg revealed that Brian Bonar later joined QMS where he worked as the director of engineering. In 1989, he left QMS and joined Rastek Corporation as Vice President Sales and Marketing. At Rastek he was involved in marketing and sales of printing technology. He later joined Adaptec as a sales manager.

After one year in Adaptec, Bonar decided to start his first company: Bezier systems. The company focused on SCSI based printer which led to Bonar strengthening his connection with Japanese and Korean companies.

In 2008, Bonar joined Allegiant Professional Business Services as the president. He also worked as the CEO and chairman of firms such as Dalrada Financial Services and AMS Outsourcing.

Brian Bonar has scooped a lot of titles throughout his career. In 2010 while working as the CEO of Dalrada, he was awarded the Executive of the Year in Finance in Cambridge Who’s Who annual list.

While working at Dalrada, Bonar attained financial success which built an impressive financial legacy for the company. Being a financial expert, Bonar has helped most of his customers learn how to manage their finances and protect their assets.

In his new company Trucept Inc., Bonar is fully dedicated to ensuring that his company meets all his clients’ needs and providing them with the best insurance covers.