Norman Pattiz Brings Beyond The Darkness To The PodcastOne Network

Technology has changed the way many things are done in the world today. People have changed almost every aspect of their lives because of technology. The use of technology innovations such as laptops, smartphones, WiFi, and tablets has transformed the world into a digital world. In addition, the world has become mobile. People can go almost anywhere and do whatever they desire through the use of technology.


One of the uses of technology that has become common for millions of people around the world is the use of the Internet to view and listen to news, live events, and shows. The Internet has evolved into a medium that is more than just what it started out as, which was as a way to communicate. Today, the Internet is a multimedia platform that uses video, audio, and pictures to bring all types of business and personal uses to the Internet.


With the technology that is available, the Internet can be used currently in the same manner as television without the limitations of televisions. People use the Internet to watch all types of events, news, and shows that were once only seen on television. A growing method of listening to shows on the Internet is the podcast. The podcast provides flexibility to people interested in listening to shows.


A popular podcast network that has come to the front of the podcast industry is PodcastOne. The network is a leader in the podcast industry. The company is planning to add the show Beyond The Darkness to its network lineup. The show will air on the Chris Jericho network under the PodcastOne umbrella.


Beyond The Darkness is a different type of show than is typically seen on PodcastOne. The show will have a guest each week who will discuss a topic related to angels, ghosts, demons, or a similar topic. Beyond The Darkness will air on Mondays. It can be seen on, iTunes, and podcast app.


Norman Pattiz is the chairman and founder of PodcastOne. Recognized as an industry giant, Norman Pattiz has made a name for himself in the broadcast industry. He is the founder of Westwood One. He guided the company to the top of the radio industry.

With the success that Norman Pattiz has achieved in the broadcast industry, he has received numerous awards and honors for his many accomplishments. Norman Pattiz is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. He has been appointed to special positions by two presidents of the United States. In his career, Norman Pattiz has been able to impact the entire broadcast industry.

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Event Planner

There is more to hiring an event planner than just relying on suggestions from your peers. Here are several questions you should ask yourself when searching for event planning companies in NYC.


What are my goals? Your planner is going to create a plan based on your goals, from raising awareness to celebrating a retirement.


Why do I need a planner? Your planner is going to need details on their tasks, so figure out what you need your planner to take care of on your behalf.


What is my budget? Figuring out your budget gives everyone an idea of how much to spend on the event.


How do I find a qualified planner? You can start by discussing planners with your peers, but do not limit your search to word of mouth. Use organizations such as professional membership groups and the hotel convention sales department to find an experienced planner.


How do I conduct an interview? You should start your interview with details about the event, and then you can move on to their expertise and information on their business.


Should I conduct research? You should always conduct research rather than only using their favorable references.


What should my potential planner present? Your potential planner should present a plan that covers every aspect of your event, from your goals to your budget.


What should I ask my planner? It is important to ask your planner for their terms, fees and total costs in advance so there are not any surprises later.


Should I sign a contract? It is best to ask your legal counsel to review the fine print before you sign the contract.


What is my next step? Once you sign the contract, communicate with your planner to ensure they are delivering on their promises.


Twenty Three Layers is considered to be one of the best event planners in New York. You can hire the staff to plan events ranging from a product launch to an anniversary party. It is easier to focus on mingling with your guests when an event planner takes care of the venue, decorating, catering and entertainment.


When you ask yourself questions about your goals and preferences, you are sure to find a planner who is right for your event.

Securus Technologies Corrects Inaccurate Information

Securus is a technology company that avails it services to the prison staff and people that serve in correction facilities. Securus has created advanced systems and programs that aid prisons. One example is the video visitation program released by the company. The program allows inmates to communicate with their friends and families. Another program released by the firm is the Investigator Pro. It is an advanced biometric system which monitors inmate calls. It has voice recognition built in. The investigator pro has been connected to the law enforcement database to help in the investigation. Many officers have come out to praise the communication facility.


From several internet articles, I think that not every company is happy about Securus success. There are several companies that have tried to tarnish its name. GTL is an example of such a company. The firm released false information against Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies came out boldly to defend its reputation. It stated that most of the information released by GTL were inaccurate and misleading. GTL has a bad history about its press release. The company has participated in several misconducts in the past. It has been a victim of bad press releases in the past. The company was once a victim of breaking user privacy.


Securus Technologies went ahead to correct inaccuracies presented by GTL. The company CEO stated that he loves the correction facilities and respects the work input by people in the facilities. However, it is totally displeasing when a company like GTL release wrong information. Securus Technologies made corrections to the information. The information was legitimate, especially when you consider that the company has built a solid reputation over the years. The company recently received a BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. The rating is an indication of the company’s dedication to enhancing customer service.


Doe Deere Can Inspire You

Doe Deere was able to build an entire fan base and a cosmetic line with just her interest in color and a few hundred dollars. Doe Deere is a young woman that was originally born in Russia. When she was in Russia, Deere remembers wearing her mother’s jewelry and trying to put on her mothers make up, because she always loved fashion and color. Doe Deere and her family immigrated to New York when she was still very young and impressionable. The move was something that had a very positive influence on Doe Deere’s life, because New York is the hub of fashion and beauty. Doe Deere always knew that she wanted to work in the fashion industry, and she went to school for fashion design. After graduating from college, Doe Deere decided that she was going to try to make her own fashion line. Doe Deere was able to come up with a lot of cute outfits, and she was able to get a huge fan base. Doe Deere named her fashion line Lime Crime.


Doe Deere was not very happy with the pigmentation of the makeup that was available in the cosmetics industry. Deere found that the majority of lipsticks, brushes, and eyeshadows were not very pigmented. Doe Deere began to experiment with theatrical makeup, and that is where she was able to get the deep and rich colors that she was looking for. One of the big problems with theatrical makeup is that it is very heavy, and many of the ingredients in theatrical makeup can be bad for regular wear. Doe Deere wanted to find a way to combine the rich color of theatrical makeup with the all day wear that a cosmetics line can bring.


Doe Deere began to make her own makeup, and she would wear it when she would showcase her clothing line. Many of her fans loved the way she wore her make up, and her fans would make comments to her about how she looked. Doe Deere decided that she was going to start making her own makeup line, and she began to sell makeup online. Doe Deere was able to quickly get a huge amount of fans, and her cosmetic line became a huge success. Women from all around the world can order from the Lime Crime cosmetics line, and Doe Deere has been able to reach thousands of women all around the world with her makeup and her passion. Doe Deere is a woman that believes in following her dreams, and she encourages women to do the same. Doe Deere has given many speeches to young women entrepreneurs, because she wishes to encourages them to follow their daydream and to live life to its fullest.

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Billy McFarland: The All-American Millennial CEO Of Magnises

Billy McFarland is one of America’s most successful millennial entrepreneurs. At only 23 years old, McFarland has created an extremely popular networking club for young professionals called Magnises. Although Magnises only has operations in Washington D.C. and New York City right now, McFarland hopes to expand this company’s reach in the years to come.

According to CNBC, Although Billy McFarland was born in NYC, he was raised in the Short Hills area of New Jersey. McFarland showed an interest in entrepreneurship from a very early age. While McFarland studied computer engineering at Bucknell University, he continued to pursue his passion for creating meaningful businesses in his spare time.

McFarland decided to leave Bucknell College after developing his ad design company called Spling. Spling works to help businesses achieve optimal URL style. Just a few of Spling’s top clients include NBCUniversal and Discovery Communications, Incorporated. McFarland currently serves as the CEO for Spling.

After the success of Spling, Billy McFarland founded the social gathering company Magnises in 2013. Today, Magnises has well over 6,000 active members in NYC and DC. Most of the members are between the ages of 21 and 35.

McFarland has told reporters that Magnises was intended to be the premier networking tool for millennials. Every member of Magnises gets a stylish black card that can be linked to their bank account if they so choose.

With a Magnises membership, guests get alerts to special get-togethers, as well as discounts on restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, live shows, and sporting events in both NYC and DC.

It costs each member around $250 annually to renew Magnises membership. A few of the companies in NYC that Magnises members can get discounts at include Finale, Goldbar, La Esquina, and Catch.

When Magnises just started out it was headquartered in the West Village. Nowadays, Magnises is headquartered at the Hotel on Rivington in the Lower East Side.

Currently Mangises is working on various ways to enhance the overall guest experience for their members. McFarland told reporters he is now working on adding special features for Magnises members in NYC. Billy McFarland also said he would like to roll out Magnises in other major metropolitan cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and even London

OSI Group Expands With Three Major Acquisitions

In a major effort to expand its meat processing capabilities, the OSI Group acquired the 200,000 square foot Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. With the acquisition, the OSI Group now has two Midwest meat processing operations to serve its distribution network.

According to OSI North America Vice-President Kevin Scott, “This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers,” we are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI manufacturing network.”

Both Tyson Foods and OSI Group officials declined to discuss the acquisition price and terms. OSI did not indicate if the acquired facility is to process poultry, beef, or pork. The OSI Group acquisition comes at a time when Tyson Foods is downsizing its prepared foods business unit. Tyson closed a facility in Jefferson, Wisconsin in 2015.

Besides the Tyson Foods facility acquisition, the OSI Group announced the purchase of the Flagship Food Group’s, European operations, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe offers processed food, frozen poultry and condiment products to food service providers throughout the United Kingdom. Under the OSI Group banner now, Flagship Europe extends its United Kingdom reach with it’s Calder Foods acquisition. With the purchase of Calder, OSI firmly establishes itself as the dominant manufacturer and distributor of dips, sandwich spreads, and sauces.

The move by the OSI Group broadens its global marketing strategy, outside of meat processing. OSI President and COO, David McDonald, commenting on the Flagship Europe acquisition, “The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

Completing its aggressive acquisition spree of 2016, the OSI Group purchased Dutch convenience food manufacturer, Baho Foods. Neither party disclosed the purchase terms. The deal, subject to government approval, fortifies OSI Group’s position in Europe.

David McDonald, OSI Group President, and COO commenting on the sale, “The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

With the purchase of Baho Foods, the OSI Group gains Baho’s subsidiaries, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt. Baho maintains several processing and manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Nationwide Title Clearing – a Small Business Doing Their Part

Title defects are a major source of inconvenience for residential property owners who are mostly unaware of the serious ramifications of owning a defective title. Often a title defect is only revealed when the seller and the buyer are in the final steps of negotiating the property ownership. At the crucial juncture, title defects can cause serious mishaps leading to stress, financial burden, and even court battles. Simply, any wrong information in the title can make the property legally void.


To address such issues, the leading research and document processing providers in the country, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., has revamped its website to offer online information for property titles of almost every property in the nation. Now anyone can find pertinent information by ordering clear and concise property title reports. Such actions will decrease the risk of buyback or the inability to foreclosure.


Consumers can order a variety of reports, which includes assignment verification report services, current owner report, tax status report, and tax status Plus report. According to the company’s CEO, these reports are based on the actual land report making it easier to verify any type of error in a heavily audited compliance regulatory framework. Unknown to the average consumer, there are a variety of factors that can easily void the property title.


Instance in which property titles become void include simple written errors that do not comply with real estate standards in the area. In addition, a title can also pose legal problems if a signature of any related party are absent. In cases where previous liens and other encumbrances are not removed, title defects are common. In fact, an error can be as simple as a failure to follow a standard procedure. Under these circumstances, it pays to verify title defects of the property, even if everything seems legal.


As for Nationwide Clearing Inc., the company is one of the largest firms in the nation that serves consumers and mortgage industry. Its innovative service and the ability to extract accurate records from a variety of sources has made the company extremely successful. As a result, nearly eight of the ten largest mortgage service providers rely on Nationwide Clearing Inc. to verify title records. Established in 1991, the company is featured among the fastest growing firms in the United States. Recently, it also received Hire Power award in two consecutive years for putting Americans back to work.

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Doe Deere and her success

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but moved to New York when she was 17. She always had a love for the entrepreneur business. At the age of 13, she sold non permanent tattoos, and it started there. She then joined a band in New York where she met her former husband. After there she got into fashion and created her own line off of ebay called lime crime. That is where she came up with the name for her very successful makeup line. She always has a love for fashion and makeup, it was another way to express herself. She always believed that beauty never came from a certain makeup style or natural beauty, but from a feeling, so do what makes you feel beautiful.


She always wanted the unique colored lipstick, but could only find the original and basic colors. This inspired Doe to create her own, so she launched her bold colored makeup line called, Lime crime. People fell in love with her unique taste and people were raving about the bold products. Other companies loved the idea and copied the bright colored makeup idea. Suddenly, bright colored lipstick was everywhere.


Doe stated that one of the biggest things she learned through her success is to trust her gut feeling. She will not even close a deal unless she has a good gut feeling about it, and it is now practically her second nature. Doe believes that one of the most important ways in being a successful business is the team you choose. Starting a new business is all about team work. She also believes that treating your partners and employees with love and respect makes a difference. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and uplifting them reinforces them and inspires them to do good work. Doe knows her work and her customers, she takes it seriously, and people fell in love with it!

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