The Interesting Life Of Dick And Betsy DeVos

If you’ve been following recent political news closely, you may have heard about President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos, a Michigan entrepreneur, philanthropist and even former gubernatorial candidate.

Trump picked DeVos because she has strongly advocated school of choice and more freedom for private and charter schools. The DeVos family has given millions in charity to local charter school organizations, churches, social causes and other non-profit groups. They have also chaired rebuilding projects for the city of Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos and Betsy have quite a long history in business and public service.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, a business magnate in the Grand Rapids area. Dick DeVos started Amway Corporation, a multilevel marketing company that sells household products, health and beauty supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Read moe: Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

But unlike other companies who distribute these products to big retail corporations, Amway distributes them directly to customers who can then start their own business and make a profit. After earning his business degree at Northwood University, Dick DeVos spent time working under his father at Amway, and he and his brothers Daniel and Douglas soon became executives. Dick was CEO of Amway for about 10 years and helped open new doors for the company.

Today, Dick and Betsy run the Windquest Group, an investment firm that owns several manufacturing and retail companies including The Stow Company, Neurocore, RPM Ventures, Electratherm, and Huron Ventures. They also started up the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation through which they’ve impacted their community through giving. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

One of their biggest gifts towards education has been the Education Freedom Fund which has helped start scholarships for lower income children and their families. But they’ve also helped expand charter schools throughout the state through the Great Lakes Education Project, and even started their own charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Dick and Betsy have been active in the state Republican Party for many years, dating all the way back to when former President Gerald R. Ford ran for re-election in 1976. Betsy was the party chair some years ago, and Dick ran against former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in the 2006 race, though he lost by a close margin.

He did however continue to push for conservative legislation in the following years, including a right-to-work law that passed in 2012. Dick and Betsy also donated to the Kennedy Center’s art institute not long ago, and it was renamed in their honor.

New Treatment For Damaged Hair

WEN Hair Sweet Almond MintIt is not surprising that a lot of women complain about damaged hair. They constantly apply heated hair styling tools to their hair or shampoo and condition daily with the wrong type of product. Of course, others apply chemicals to the hair that deplete moisture and severely damage the hair. One way to give the hair a needed rest is to start applying WEN cleansing conditioner to your hair. Many women notice a surprising change in the condition of their hair after changing to this type of hair product. Here are more reasons to consider changing to a cleansing conditioner.

Cleansing Conditioner Benefits

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  • Provided protection for damaged hair
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WEN by Chaz

The fact is that most shampoos and conditioners rob the hair of precious natural moisture and oils. WEN by Chaz Dean is a remarkable formula that replaces several hair care products. In fact, the formula completely cleanses the hair without using harsh sulfates or other chemicals that damage the hair. It is a unique formula that will add moisture, sheen, and body to even the most damaged hair.

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Michael Zomber; The Internationally Recognized Antique Arms Collector

Michael Zomber is an internationally recognized antique arms and armor collector. Zomber’s vast knowledge in antiques dates back to over 40 years after his friend took him to a gun show during a road trip. He shares the in-depth knowledge that he has acquired through films, publishing books, and storytelling. Besides having an antique collection as a hobby, Zomber has also decided to be an investor on the antiques. He holds a double major in English and Psychology from the University of Illinois. His passion for education led him to study a Masters in English Literature at UCLA.

The Tales of the Gun Series

The historian Zomber is renowned for his contribution in the Tales of the Gun series at the History Channels. He has aired episodes on different pistols such as Dueling Pistols and Automatic Pistols. He has also contributed on various guns episodes such as the Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns, and the Guns of the Orient. Michael Zomber great collection of the Japanese Samurai sword made him an international recognized authority in the antique collection world.

The Soul of Samurai

Zomber has learned a lot about the Samurai swords. Following the information that he had acquired about different antiques, Zomber teamed up with his wife in establishing Renascent Films. The primary goal of the filming company was to produce different independent movies and documentaries. One of their greatest achievements is the production of the Soul of Samurai documentary. In the documentary, Michael Zomber talks about the Philosophy of Bushido, which is a way of honoring the Samurai warriors. The late Reverend Kensho Furuya, a Zen Buddhist played a very important part in ensuring perfection in the film through his wise counsel. Zomber believes in Bushido teachings of honor and loyalty as the most important quality in a person’s life.

Zomber’s Books

Some of Zomber’s works include the “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai,” which links the present Christianity with the traditional samurai virtues. He has also authored other books including the “Shogun Iemitsu,” “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of Civil War,” “A Son of Kentucky,” and the “Park Avenue.”


His in depth knowledge of the painful effects of war has seen him support peacekeeping organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Global Exchange, UNICEF, and Amnesty International. His philanthropic works also extend to other organizations such as Get Lit’s, Disabled American Veterans, The, The Smile Train, and Randolph Bourne Institute.

How Can US Money Reserve Gold Protect You During 2017 Revolution Against Globalism?

Is something brewing in the 2016 to 2017 global environment? First, there was Brexit and now there has been an American election of an “outsider.” How can US Money Reserve gold protect you during the “Revolution Against Globalism?”



Don’t Tread on Me


The irony of the 1776 American Revolution, 2016 Brexit and 2016 American election was that they shared a common theme of “freedom.” Some globalists seek to tell others “how to live their lives.” These dictators issue “fake paper IOUs” and argue that all most bow down to the “Golden Calf.”


The truth is that it does not matter what your politics consist of, the beginning of 2017 is turning out to be full of uncertainty. And during these difficult times, gold can be your savior. Why?



Why Don’t People Like Globalism?


People want to be free to live their lives. They want local leaders to make important decisions. They want to feel like they matter. These are the reasons why some resist globalism:



  • Culture
  • Freedom
  • Transparency
  • Impersonal



As you look at the results of globalism, you might see “failure after failure.” The globalists failed in 2008 and forced the taxpayers bail them out. They want to replace local culture, language and history with a bland robotic 1984 mentality.


For many, life has become less free, less transparent and more impersonal. If you hate having someone in India answering your customer service calls, imagine if your family doctor were stationed overseas. Globalists don’t seem to be making life better in any sphere of influence.


In February 2016, the Baltic Dry Index hit a record low. Even 2016 “Black Friday” was rather bland and lackluster. Perhaps, globalists “don’t know what they are doing.”



Be Free! Buy Gold!


US Money Reserve believes in providing you with the means to be free. It has a great new website, allowing you to review the gold and silver coin e-Commerce catalogue in the comfort of your home. Find the perfect investment to protect your freedom.


Find PCGS certified coins; these are special gifts for the holidays. Years down the road, this gold purchase could be the one that kept you free. Learn more at the US Money Reserve Knowledge Center. No one knows how the “Revolution Against Globalism” will end, but protect your wealth against the uncertain future.

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Chris Burch’s View On The Relationship Between Technology And Fashion

Fashion and technology are seasonal. In these industries, innovation is swift. Over three centuries ago, fashion and technology were moving at a slow pace. It was hard for any significant changes to happen over an individual’s lifetime. However, the industrial revolution in Europe suddenly changed this perspective. Since then, technology and fashion have been having a positive correlation with one changing the other and vice versa. This bond is growing stronger with the passage of time.
One good example of how strong the two sectors are intertwined is the relationship between music systems and fashion. In the 70s, the introduction of boom box created a new trend. Young people were seen walking around the neighborhoods with their music systems as they listened to music from either the two cassette decks or radio stations. Emergence of the dual cassette decks helped people to record music or rewind their tapes. Boom boxes made several appearances in both music videos and movies. However, the quick advancement of technology made the systems obsolete, as Sony introduced the more popular Walkman in the early 90s. Just like its predecessors, the Walkman was soon replaced by iPods. Today, iPods are no longer fashionable as people are majorly using their smartphones because they are a portable source of music.
Apart from influencing each other, some fashion designers are working towards the synthesis of fashion and technology. For instance, Anou Wipprecht is famed for designing self-painting dresses. These designs raise the standards of innovation and functionalities in the fashion sector.
Fashion designers are also using technology to protect both humans and the environment. Products such as the Airbag for Cyclists, designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, will help to protect humans from dangers associated with riding a bike. This innovative device employs the technology used in airbags to create a wearable around the neck that can inflate in milliseconds and cover the head of the cyclist when he or she is involved in an accident. Segra Segra is making t-shirts and jackets from recycled bicycle inner tubes.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur and fashion icon. His entrepreneurship skills have helped dozens of companies to grow and establish themselves in various fields. One of his well-known companies is Burch Creative Capital, a firm that invests in upcoming businesses. The corporation has a broad brand portfolio, which includes Poppin, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Chris has also made investments in the lucrative real estate sector.
Burch is an iconic fashion writer. His articles, such as ‘Tech Fashion Trends of the Future,’ have been read by millions of people. Burch is also involved in charity work, through his J. Christopher-Burch Award for Humanism in Medicine. His career started while undertaking his undergraduate studies at the Ithaca College. He and his brother established Eagles Eye apparel. The company’s assets grew to $ 165 million. Eventually, they sold the firm.

More information about Chris Burch: