InnovaCare’s Top Management Driving Change In the Managed Care Service Industry

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the sitting President and Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare. Before he joined the company, Rick worked at Aveta Inc under the same capacity and also as a member of the management team. Rick has more than 20 years if experience in operational healthcare and clinical experience in managed care. Rick was the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California a role he took after leaving Medical Pathways Management Company.

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In 19196 and 1997 Rick worked as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners. From MedPartners, Rick became the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan on Shinto, having started as a medical pulmonologist intern in Southern California has made great strides in his career and bagged some awards along the way including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. They give the award to recognize outstanding entrepreneurs who show distinction and success in of innovation, personal commitment to business and community, and financial performance.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. Kokkinides has vast experience and expertise in the healthcare industry and in particular the managed care service industry and state programs. She is loaded with knowledge in the development programs as well as in the management of healthcare operations and processes with the focus being improved efficiencies and organizational structures.

Penelope had worked for different organizations before she joined InnovaCare Health. She worked Centerlight HealthCare as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer for Touchstone Health. Penelope was the Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice. She developed and implemented a successful health model for AmeriChoice.

About InnovaCare Company

InnovaCare is a leading provider of managed care services. The firm provides Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice in Puerto Rico. Additionally, the company handles two core medical plans within the country’s Health Plan with the aim of providing full-range health coverage through coordinated care health plans.

InnovaCare is feted as the only one to have the NCQA-accredited health plans in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare remains committed to its customers and country and offers quality health care through the creation of sustainable models of managed healthcare. At InnovaCare, you’ll find innovative, coordinated, and cost-efficient health care services which are integrated with modern technological advancements. Because InnovaCare Health offers top of the range Medicare Advantage and Medical plans, it draws its motivation from its top leadership.

Just recently InnovaCare Health, a managed care service provider made changes to its top leadership. At the helm of this management table are Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.


Giving Hope to Humanity- Thor Halvorssen

Human Rights Foundation, an organization, based in New York was launched in 2005 by its President and founder Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halorssen is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan and was born and raised in Caracas. His background is of heads of State and adventurers.

Oystein who was Thor’s paternal grandfather served as a King’s Counsel in Venezuela during the world war two. When the Germans invaded Oystien home, he abstracted all the Norway’s merchant convoy to the port in Venezuela.

Thor’s mother originated from the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza and the military leader who assisted the Latin America’s independence from Spain Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar. Working and helping in the humanitarian sector is something that runs in Thor’s family, and it is not a point of discussion when it comes to serves for humanity.

Thor’s family has suffered while fighting for human rights, his father was jailed and tortured after exposing the government’s corruption while working as a drug czar in Venezuela. On the other hand, his mother was shot in an anti-Hugo Chavez protest. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Even his extended family has been in the frontline in fighting corruption as Leopoldo Lopez his first cousin and a known continuous challenger of the Chavista administration, is currently jailed in a Venezuelan prison. Thor is very committed as a social activist, and he says he loves people and humanity and he considers himself a “classic liberal.”

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human right activist who was born on March 9, 1976. Thor is also a film producer, and his significant contribution is in the public interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties, public policy, as well as pro-democracy advocacy.

Through his efforts to fight for humanity, Thor founded Oslo Freedom Forum a movement that is described as a human rights festivals. He is also the President of the Human Rights Foundation which is an organization that is committed to fighting for human freedom and their rights in general.

His love and passion for humanity have seen him hold leadership posts in organizations dealing with fighting for human freedom. According to BizJournals, Thor Halvorssen is the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, the foundation of Moving Pictures Institute and On Own Feet.

In May 2010 he purchased the customarily Norwegian News Magazine Ny Tid. He is also a protector of students’ speech activity that saw him being honored by the University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin. At Present Thor is producing a film “the moon is a harsh mistress” by Bryan Singer which is an adoption of Robert Heinlein.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The Answer To Your Prayers: FreedomPop

So, it’s now coming to the end of another cycle of your cell phone plan. In your hands, you hold your phone bill. Once again, your head falls down in despair over the high cost that you are plagued with. Your gaze slowly looks towards the heavens, as you silently pray for a cheaper way to enjoy wireless service. My friends, your prayers have been answered. All hail FreedomPop. Here is a FreedomPop review.

What Is FreedomPop?

Easily said, FreedomPop offers a free mobile service. This free service has everything that a user would need including 500mb of data, 200 minutes of talking time, and free text messaging. You will enjoy the same service as you would receive from Sprint, as FreedomPop runs on the same towers.

Besides mobile service, FreedomPop offers Internet service. This, too, is free. The option to take your Internet along with you is wonderful addition to have. Using your free 500mb, you can do things like browsing your Facebook and checking your email through any of your devices that are WIFI capability.

Add-Ons For The Heavy User

For some, being given the opportunity to casually talk, text, browsing the web, check Facebook, and email is sufficient enough. Plus, having this service for free is very appealing to many. However, for others, they want to have a longer conversation, or browse the web longer. That is why FreedomPop offers additional plans to those users who need a little bit more.

FreedomPop Plans

At $10.99, this plan offers more conversation options, through talking and texting. It has unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 500MB of data. When you go up to the $20 plan, you will receive unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data. This plan is for the user who wants to use their data more frequently. Also, you can pay $5 for a WIFI plan that allows you to use your phone where WIFI is available.


Having a phone service for free is no longer a dream anymore. You do not have to cry about your high phone bill again. All you need is to switch to FreedomPop. They have a lot to offer, whether you decide to choose the free plan or one of the paid plans. Either way, FreedomPop is a fantastic phone service to have.


Not a Man to be Messed With

Thor Halvorssen is 39 years old and is the president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York City. He’s no stranger to spending sleepless nights furthering his cause and working into the wee hours of the morning. While he may not wield a hammer, he’s certainly not a man to be ignored either.

Thor Halvorssen launched the foundation in 2005 for individual liberty and human rights. Even discussing either of these issues should be given quarter is not up for discussion for him. His knowledge on the subject is hardly new considering his forebears had to go toe to toe with tyrants.

Thor’s mother is a descended from the Venezuela president, Cristobal Mendoza and Simon the Liberator who was a military leader who helped Latin America to finally win its independence from Spain.

Thor Halvorssen has stated empathetically in the past he loves people and he’s dealt with his own trials as a human rights activity. He and a cameraman traveled to Ho Chi Minh City in 2010 to have an interview with Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

Thor taped the interview after sneaking into the monastery, but was caught by Vietnamese authorities who used him as a punching bag. He was detained and arrested by police, but was able to convince them he was a Buddhist seeker. He and his cameraman snuck out with the hidden video card.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who doesn’t discriminate among his staff either and they seem to share his same views. He’s never been known to ask about the political inclinations for anyone under his employee so long as they’re willing to pursue the same mission as HRF. The staff at HRF ran from democrats to legal geniuses in charge of keeping the organization running smoothly. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Linked In

The focus or HRF is to uncover the wrongs down to political prisoners, expose authoritarianism, and to lend a voice to the dissidents. They don’t waste their time moving forward to expose these wrongs and trying to bring attention to them. While HRF only has a small team to cover these issues, they all share a strong passion for human rights and liberty.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Forbes