The Importance Of A Reason For Hiring An Event Planner

Before hiring an event planner, it is important to have a reason for hiring one. For one thing, the event planners in NYC are going to check with the host in order to find out the reasons for hiring an event planner.  For one thing, knowing the purpose of the event is going to help with the theme and the other aspects of the event. This could also make the meeting go more smoothly as the host and the event planners can discuss the different directions they can go with the event that they are working on.

One thing an event planning company in NYC likes is a host that is confident in what he or she wants. This gives the party planners a structure that they can go with. At the same time, they are also looking for people that are flexible. One thing that is very crucial to the success of an event is a combination of structure and flexibility so that there can be room for innovation. After all, event planning is an art. Art is both structured and flexible in some cases. The right balance is needed in order to achieve a type of memorable experience.

For people that have gotten it figured out as far as what the purpose of the event is and the reasons that they are hiring an event planner, 23 Layers is one company that is worth looking into.They have a lot of experience in putting together events that range from tiny house parties to major block parties. 23 Layers has gained a good reputation for the type of memorable parties they have put together.

The Business Undertakings of Malini Saba that have made her Prosperous.

Malini Saba is a successful entrepreneur who was born in Southern Asia. She has strived to make herself among the top business women across the world, and her hard work is admired by many people. Saba has brought noteworthy changes in the Unites State’s investment sector since she has changed the perspective of many people on investing. She is also recognized for her philanthropic undertakings that involve supporting women from various parts of the world. The entrepreneur started by venturing into businesses by in different nations across the globe. Her companies faced some problems whereby some individuals were determined to remove her from where she was doing business.


Saba is a determined woman, and therefore, she did not quit her quest of making it in business. She combined efforts with her partners, and they started new ventures. These enterprises also faced various hitches, but they worked hard to make sure that the businesses thrived. Her firms become prosperous after a while, and she is now enjoying the output of her hard work. Malini is the owner of huge companies that involve various resources, and they include real estates, energy, and rice fields.


Malina is an individual who is socially responsible, and she has always shown that she cares about the welfare of the community. The Stree: Global Investments in Women is an organization that she founded, and its main aim is to assist women who come from impoverished backgrounds in bettering their lives. The operations of the charity are international. The generosity of the businesswoman is admired by many individuals.


 The investment ventures of Malini started in the 90s, and she purchased shares in various companies that were still emerging at that time. The firms include Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks, PayPal and Silicon Valley. These businesses have grown over time, and they now make significant profits for Malini Saba. She is very wealthy, and according to her, she is talented in business since most of the firms that she ventures in are always successful. She believes that the best investment is to capitalize in are commodities since they make good returns, and they involve minimum risks.


Apart from her business and charitable undertakings, Malini Saba is a mother, and she has prioritized her family. She has a daughter whom she loves, and she has raised her without hiring a nanny. Her attachment to her child is outstanding since many women of her level do not find sufficient time to be with their families.